Pots, pans, stove tops and even bathtubs can be scrubbed spic and span with ease with these sustainable EcoCoconut scourers; each designed to be non-scratch and eco-friendly. EcoCoconut scourers are made with a special fibre from the coconut known as coir wrapped around sturdy stainless steel wire. This fibre is natural antibacterial, so it can clean away dirt effectively without the use of any toxic chemical additives.


The lack of chemicals and plastics makes these scourers completely biodegradable, so they will gradually return to the earth and cut down on your everyday waste.


Pack contains 2 brushes Each scourer = 10cm diameter


Made from sustainable coconut fibres

Plastic-free and biodegradable

Comes in recyclable cardboard box

Product of Sri Lanka

Eco Coconut Scourer