Please note that there is a lot of valuable information regarding delivery, portion sizes, and shop policies in the notes. These policies are currently changing with the evolution of the pandemic so even if you've read them before, you should take a minute to read them to avoid any eventual questions.


Meal Box, Friday, October 23, 2020

Chili con Carne

Swiss beef and pork, kidney beans, chili spices and tomatoes. Gluten Free.




Chili con Veggies

Our vegetarian chili: kidney beans, mixed veggies, chili spices and tomatoes

Gluten Free VEGAN





Mixed Salad: a mix of raw and roasted vegetables on a bed of greens



Apple Mousse Cake


Fruit Salad

Friday, 23 October: Chili con Carne OR Chili con Veggies

Meal Size
Additional Child
Meal Choice
  • Delivery Monday - Friday between Etoy & Bellevue. Please note that the default delivery is an afternoon delivery. We understand that this time window isn't great for everyone -- but if you can arrange to make it work, we will be very appreciative. 


    Morning10h30-11h30 (delivered hot)


    Afternoon 12h30 - 14h30 (delivered chilled) 


    Suppertime 17h - 19h (delivered chilled)


    Delivery Monday EVENINGS to St.Cergue


    Delivery Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday EVENINGS to Arzier


    Orders are prepared and delivered to your home -- we will deliver to your door with NO CONTACT. This means that we will place your order in front of your EXTERIOR DOOR (even if it's an apartment building), ring the bell and leave. It is your responsibilty to make sure that you collect your bag in a timely manner in order to maintain food safety & to make sure your meal is not stolen.


    Orders must be paid for in full via the internet prior to delivery. We are adhering to strict social distancing rules in order to protect you and our employees therefore we do not accept cash at delivery. We will deliver your lunch between 10H30 and Midi. Our supper deliveries are delivered between 17h30 and 19h. You are welcome to request a particular delivery time. However, please note that we make all of our deliveries at the same time and in order to be efficient and limit the carbon footprint of deliveries, we deliver in the order that makes the most sense.


    Orders made from scratch on the morning of the delivery. We do our best to keep the food hot for the delivery (if it is meant to be served hot) at lunchtime. However, please note that food delivery in the afternoon & evenings, in order to maintain food safety, we will deliver your meal chilled. If this is the case, you will need to plan to reheat upon delivery.


    Most of our meals can be frozen if you want to have a reserve for another time. This does not apply to sandwiches or salads.

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