I first had a version of this soup in Lexington, Kentucky. Tucked into an ugly strip mall, there was a WONDERFUL Mexican restaurant. I don't remember the name anymore -- but it was great and I had many a margarita and meal there. I used to order this soup when I was craving lighter fare or when I was feeling a bit under the weather. As they say, chicken soup is good for the soul (and immunity). The base of the soup is homemade chicken stock and it's full of shredded chicken (CH), long grain rice, coriander and chilis and then it gets a generous squeeze of lime juice at the end. It's satisfying but light and oh so good for the soul. 


Gluten free


800ml recycled card board soup cup (suitable for freezing), serves 2-4

Mexican Chicken, Rice & Avocado Soup NEW LARGE SIZE


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