Each week we are excited to present a few weekly specials. Recipes that we are currently obsessed with, love to eat and want to share with you.They’re only available to order for one week...so make sure to place your order before Thursday each week.


12-16 April Meal Prep Special

Our Meal Prep Specials are perfect for people who pay close attention to their diet. Macros available upon request.


Chicken Breast 120g

Chickpeas 100g





Gluten and Lactose Free


700ml delivered in a compostable cardboard container with a PET RECYCLED lid

WEEKLY SPECIAL Meal Prep Chicken & Chickpeas

  • Les speciaux menus, desserts, soupes, etc. sont disponible pour livraison pour une semaine. Si vous voulez commander un special de la semaine il faut commander pour la semaine actuelle. 

  • Allergens: sesame, soy, 

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