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Family favorites, salads, soups and more.

Pâtachou kitchen is dedicated creating delectable prepared dishes that help you feed yourself and your family nutritious food without the hassle of shopping, cooking and cleaning up.

Our vast network of food artisans, producers and farmers allows us to use mostly locally procured ingredients that are great for you, great for the environment and great for the local economy. What's better than delicious food that makes a positive impact?

Our kitchen philosophy is that humans should eat whole foods, mostly plants that are absolutely scrumptious. That said, we also like to have fun in the kitchen so you'll find some indulgent dishes that are inspired by world cuisine. 

Our kitchen items are generally prepared but will need to be finished in the oven prior to consumption. There are a few exceptions to this rule but you will find heating or baking instructions for each item with your delivery. 

Plan your meals with Pâtachou Kitchen. 

Eating a Meal
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