Hummingbird cake is a southern delight in the USA. Growing up we would often go to restaurants that had the display cases that endlessly turned to display their southern cakes, pies and other scrumptious desserts. I would stand there, mesmerized, wishing that I could have just a tiny bite of everything on offer. One cake in particular always caught my eye, the Hummingbird Cake. This cake has it all: bananas, nuts, pineapple, warming autumn spices and then it's covered with our famous Pâtachou cream cheese icing. 


Whether you're entertaining at home, offering a sweet surprise to a friend or just want to spoil your family with a bit of cake, this is absolutely not to be missed. 


Please order 48 hours in advance


Allergens present: pecans, gluten, dairy


Serves 10-12 


Can be sliced and frozen to enjoy over the course of 45 days. 

Hummingbird Cake

  • By ordering the meal as listed, please note that this meal contains:

    Lactose, Gluten, Eggs, Pecans


    We do our best to honor all orders that have notes regarding allergies and intolerances. When ordering anything from Pâtachou, however, it is important to understand that we prepare foods with nuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, gluten, sesame and soy within our kitchen/laboratoire. The only way to be 100% sure that there is no cross contamination is to not eat foods prepared at Pâtachou Bakery & Kitchen. 

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