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Adulte (+12 ans) portion de notre Menu du Jour du Lundi.

Adulte (+12 years old) portion of our Monday Menu du Jour.




Meatless Monday



Our famous homestyle baked mac-n-cheese is full of macaroni, mixed cheeses like gruyère, emmental and raclette, our creamy white sauce and a special secret little blend of flavors that bring the party to the dish. Topped with a crispy, cheesy panko topping, your family is going to love this!


Mixed Salad

Fresh green salad leaves topped with raw and roasted vegetables served with our house made yogurt based salad sauce. The whole family will love this so make sure you grab some before its all gone.


Carrot & Herb Soup

Carrots, onions, garlic and a bit of potato to make it creamy without the cream. We send a fresh herb topping to add some complexity and freshness. Soup is a super way to increase your daily vegetable intake!


Roasted Broccoli


Dessert du Jour: Chocolate - Pecan Bars. Is it pecan pie? Is it a brownie? Is it a cookie? It is the BEST of all of them. Highly recommend!


Fruit Salad (vegan / sans gluten)

Monday, 25 September 2023 - Menu du Jour

PriceFrom CHF24.00
Excluding VAT
  • This meal contains the following major allergens: gluten, eggs, lactose, 


    We do our best to honor all allergy requests but please note that in our kitchen and bakery we cook food with all ingredients. That means that cross contamination is always a possibility. If you suffer from an anaphylactic or strong allergy/intolerance, the only way to be certain that your meal does not contain allergens is if you do not eat our food. 

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