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Adulte (+12 ans) portion de notre Menu du Jour du Mercredi.

Adulte (+12 years old) portion of our Wednesday Menu


Please note that we prepare the daily menus uniquely on the indicated day. They are not available for delivery on an alternate day. This menu is for Wednesday and can only be delivered on Wednesday. 


Please note that the minimum order for delivery is 60chf PER DELIVERY outside of Gland, Luins  & Duillier. 



Chili con Carne

Swiss Beef & Pork are slow cooked with chili spices, tomatoes, onions and kidney beans. 


Chili con Veggies

Our vegan chili is full of seasonal vegetables and beans to ensure a balanced vegan meal. 


Spiced Rice

A buttery and savory side dish of fluffy seasoned rice bursting with amazing flavors from herbs and spices.


Corn Muffins

House made sweet yellow corn muffins.


Mixed Salad

Fresh green salad leaves topped with raw and roasted vegetables served with our house made yogurt based salad sauce. 


Dessert du Jour: Cookies - Pâtachou has a wide array of cookies and they are ALWAYS delicious!!


Salade de Fruits vegan, sans gluten

Wednesday, 28 February 2024 Menu du Jour

PriceFrom CHF25.00
Excluding VAT
  • This meal contains the following major allergens: gluten, lactose, eggs, sesame, celery


    We do our best to honor all allergy requests but please note that in our kitchen and bakery we cook food with all ingredients. That means that cross contamination is always a possibility. If you suffer from an anaphylactic or strong allergy/intolerance, the only way to be certain that your meal does not contain allergens is if you do not eat our food. 

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